We Embrace Talents

At the Dompé Foundation, we aim to push the boundaries of scientific knowledge further by

supporting motivated talents who are pursuing a STEM degree. With an overall investment of 8.5

million euros and counting, we have awarded more than 120 scholarships in our first four years

and look forward to supporting many other bright minds in the years to come.

Latest News

Dreams in action: Nikita Mehta’s path from a PhD in Neurobiology to aspiring surgeon
Revolutionizing human health: a PhD’s journey into Neural Engineering at the University of Pittsburgh
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Nathalie Dompé
Member of the Board of Directors
Co-CEO Dompé Holdings
Co-CEO Dompé farmaceutici

Empowering future leaders in science with a multidisciplinary and cutting-edge education

Scientific breakthroughs often arise from interdisciplinary and innovative studies like artificial intelligence, robotics, and data science.  Aspiring STEM leaders, therefore, cannot forego an education that spans multiple disciplines and embraces the latest technologies.  That’s why our scholarships and fellowships focus on those degrees that embody this forward approach. 

Meet Our Talents

Our scholarship recipients are undertaking challenging academic degrees with motivation, passion, and ambition.  From the role models that shaped their path to their aspirations for the future: we’ve sat down with each one of them to learn more about their inspiring journeys.

Uncovering the history of Dompé farmaceutici and Italy’s pharmaceutical industry

Founded in 2020, the Dompé Historical Archive strives to safeguard and promote awareness about the entrepreneurial journey of a family that has always been driven by the desire to innovate. This journey began in 1890, when Onorato Dompé opened his first production lab in Milan. With its extensive and diverse collection, the Archive enables us to delve into the historical roots of Dompé farmaceutici, while also permitting us to explore the evolution of Italy’s pharmaceutical industry from the mid-1800s to the 1970s.